Thoughts from “It’s Hard to Make a Difference…”

Julia Kholodenko recently shared her thoughts upon reading the book I like to recommend, It’s Hard to Make a Difference When You Can’t Find Your Keys:

“So far I have learned two key concepts: (1) the limiting factor to the amount of stuff you have is the amount of time that you wish to devote to keeping it organized, and is not simply determined by how much you can store and (2) there is a difference between an organizing habit, such as regularly cleaning up your desk, and an organizing system, such as the filing system in which you put those files which have been piling up on your desk. I think I always assumed that if there was a system, then the habit would be automatic. But I realize that for me, I have to start with habits and think about what habits I am willing to adopt (and often make sure my husband will adopt them too) and then design my systems accordingly.”

She put this so succinctly that I asked for permission to pass it on, so there you are. 🙂