Give Your Stuff Away Day & Free Organizing for Medford Residents

Hey everyone. I want to tell you about Give Your Stuff Away Day, a nationwide event for people to give stuff and get stuff, with no money changing hands. On Saturday, May 14, put good usable items you no longer want or need on your porch, steps, or curb. Then take a walk and go “shopping” for new things! (Please, for me, try to give more than you take!)

That same day also happens to be the National Association of Letter Carriers’ yearly food donation drive, which is fine, since GYSAD isn’t meant to include food. Just make sure you label things accordingly, and no taking food from other people’s porches!

I’ve created a Facebook event page for this. Please sign up there and tell your Facebook friends.


In honor of this event, I’m having a special contest just for Medford residents: Email me a list or photo of ten items that you have given away in the time between now and May 15. Your method isn’t important – give them to friends, donate them to Goodwill, use Freecycle, put them out for Give Your Stuff Away Day, whatever. But they have to be items worthy of donation, and you may not get paid for them. (A tax deduction is fine.) Also, cheating is wrong, mmkay?

If you’re not a client of mine yet, you will be entered into a drawing to win a free two-hour organizing session (value $120).

If you’re a past or current client, you will be entered into a drawing to win one free hour of organizing to be applied to your next session (value $60).

I have very few clients in Medford, so your odds will be excellent!