Holy cow, it’s been a long time.

I’m so sorry I’ve let this LJ languish! I’ve been spending a lot more time on Facebook. So make sure you “like” Find Your Floor over there. But I will try to post here more often, as well.

Some new developments:

I’ve started a blog called Weird Stuff I Have Found While Organizing. (Everything is posted with the client’s enthusiastic permission.)

I’ve been interviewed by my British friend Penelope.

I was in the “Housekeeping For Nerds” Panel at Arisia.

I’m going to be speaking at the Arlington Senior Center at 1:30 PM on Thursday, February 10, about organizing for seniors! The 30-45 min. talk is free and open to the public. The Senior Center is at 27 Maple St. (behind Town Hall), and their number is 781-316-3421.