Free Electronics Recycling Dropoff in Somerville

I bet most of you have old electronics you need to discard. (I do!) I just learned about this company: Earthworm Recycling. You can drop off the following electronics there for free. (They charge for pickup.)

Monitors/Flat Panels Computers Keyboards and mice Printers, scanners and fax machines Laptops Modems, routers, hubs, etc. Copiers Telephones and cell phones PDA’s Backup power supplies Cables Miscellaneous (call us, we’ll tell you if we can recycle it)
35 Medford Street
Somerville, MA 02143
Tel: 617-628-1844
Fax: 617-628-2773

Hope everyone’s doing well! Things are slow for me now, so it’s a great time for you to schedule a session.

Official Company Name: Find Your Floor!

My company is now called “Find Your Floor Professional Organizing,” or just “Find Your Floor.” The website is now (though still works). If you want to submit a review to Angie’s List (you get 1/2 hour of free organizing from me as an incentive*) the company can be found under the new name.

*If you think I’m crap, then really, no need to tell Angie’s List. I’m sure you have something else you’d like to do. 🙂

Hoarding and Horcruxes

I just re-read Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, after seeing Half-Blood Prince, and I found something that seemed relevant to organizing.

Voldemort split his soul into seven pieces, by murdering people, and he stashed these pieces inside seven objects: Horcruxes. As long as at least one Horcrux remained, he would live, no matter what happened to his body. Immortality! But he’s still vulnerable to Harry and friends, who seek out the Horcruxes to steal and destroy.

So we have this idea: A person owns several objects, each of which contains a piece of his soul. These objects keep him safe (in this case, from death). He must guard them carefully and keep possession of them. Unfortunately, in order to do this, he has to split his soul into pieces, which is damaging and makes him kind of crazy. Also, he is still vulnerable because his soul, essence, being, no longer resides in his body as it’s meant to do, where he can take full ownership of it, but it’s spread out among all these objects which have no intelligence or initiative of their own. I think that many people who own too much stuff believe unconsciously that their possessions hold pieces of their souls, and if those possessions were to be lost or destroyed, that their own existence would be threatened.

Objects can be very important. I own important objects, that I take care of and guard to some extent. If these things were destroyed or lost, I’d be upset. But I’d still be me, and still be whole. I am not my stuff.

Do you own any Horcruxes?

Another Perspective on Clutter

I was driving down Montvale Road in Woburn this morning, and I realized something: the pavement was clear and empty. Oh, there was a single sneaker sitting by the curb (how does that happen?), but otherwise, not a thing. I don’t see a lot of big empty spaces in my line of work, so I got to thinking about this one. In a “first world country,” we pay people through our taxes to remove roadkill, litter, and snow from our roads. This way, we can safely get from points A to B, with a minimum of thought or effort. Now imagine if the roads on, say, your morning commute, were as obscured by junk as your house has clutter.* Your car might not be able to get through at all. My car could (hooray for four-wheel drive!), but it would be hazardous and require extra effort. Generally, people would be swerving, trying to avoid crashing into each other, skidding, possibly puncturing our tires, and traffic would be horrible. If this were the case on a national scale, how could we function? This is a way to think about the ways in which your clutter is preventing you from getting where you’re going. This may be on a strictly physical level (can’t eat at the kitchen table because it’s full of stuff) or a more metaphysical one (how are you blocking your own path?).

Okay, I’m off to continue the seemingly endless Photo Organizing Project with a client in Reading.
*If your house has very little clutter, you can stop reading now, but send the link to someone who needs it!