Attached? With what?

Yesterday, I asked my daughter (age 8) how attached she was to a particular item: a comforter cover that would need repair if we were to keep it. She said, “Um, I’m attached with tape.” When I said, “Huh?” she said, “You know, attached with tape, attached with glue….” and I realized that even if she didn’t mean it that way, it could provide a very useful metaphor for us to think about how attached we are to our objects:

I’m attached to the item with…..
1. Solder – You can pry it from my cold, dead fingers
2. Glue – It’s very important to me
3. Tape – I really like it and I’d rather not get rid of it
4. Post-It – Eh, whatever, give it to Goodwill
5. Rubber band – You can borrow it, but I’d like to get it back eventually

I’m sure there could be more.. any ideas?