Roadblock Up Ahead!

I’ve known about the therapeutic value of yoga and meditation for years, but have never managed to make either of them a regular routine for very long. This morning I was thinking that if I just did them both every day, I would be so much more healthy.

Then I had this barely conscious negative thought about “people who do that” and another barely conscious thought that “I’m not like that.” I caught these thoughts out of the ether and asked myself “What do I think about these people?” I realized that I was thinking they were holier-than-thou, head-in-the-clouds, and irresponsible about practical things. So it’s no wonder I have never managed to stick to a yoga and meditation routine, when I value hard work and humility; my assumptions led me to believe that I would become a spacy snob! So, I’m going to sit on that for a bit and see about stretching myself in a different way. (puns intended)

In the meantime: It occurred to me that people who struggle with disorganization might have some assumptions about what organized people are like: maybe that organized people are rigid, petty, obsessive-compulsive, unfriendly, snobby, judgmental, and so on.

I’d love to hear people’s comments on this topic. I won’t take it personally if you have negative ideas about organized people, as long as you’ll do me the same favor if you’re a dedicated yogi/meditator!

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