Help at Toy Swap, Get Free Organizing!

Hey everyone. So I’m hosting this toy swap on Saturday, June 7, between 10 and 2, at the West Medford Community Center (111 Arlington St, Medford).

I’m looking for volunteers to help everything run smoothly. I have absolutely no idea how many people will show up. It could be complete insanity, or it could be really dull. But I figure I should prepare for the former.

Here’s the amazing deal: For every hour you volunteer, I will barter a half-hour free organizing time. You will make the equivalent of $25 per hour! You can also donate your organizing time to someone else as a gift.

We’re asking belatedly that people drop toys off the day before between 4 and 6 pm, but I don’t think many will take advantage of that, so I can handle that myself. I need help receiving toys, placing them into broad categories on the tables, handing out garbage bags and making tags for them (for claimed items), and making sure people follow the rules in their swapping.

I will especially need coverage between 12 and 12:30, when I’ll be giving a talk on organizing with kids. (Gee, I should probably write that up soon.) And at the end of the swap, when I will be completely exhausted, I’ll need help cleaning up, maybe getting items onto the donation truck, and putting the tables/chairs back in their original places.

So….. Who’s up for it?

Kids and their Stuff

I’ve been learning about the unique challenges of organizing with children, not only because I have clients with children (and a seven-year-old of my own), but also because many of my clients point to childhood experiences as a significant source of their clutter/disorganization problems.

It seems to me that children’s possessions are probably the only things they feel they have control over, besides their own bodies. So they may often be very attached to their things, even objecting to the removal of the tiniest broken toy.

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Toy Swap June 7! Mark Your Calendars!

Jennifer Hunter Professional Organizing and the West Medford Community Center present….

A Toy Swap!
Saturday, June 7, 10:00 to 2:00.
West Medford Community Center, 111 Arlington St., Medford, MA

—Bring unwanted toys in good workable condition, no more than one shopping cart’s worth, and bring home toys that are new to you!
—No clothing, or anything larger than a tricycle.
—Each kid must be accompanied by an adult. Each adult must bring a kid (to weed out Ebay resellers!). Check with me if you have a special case.
—I’ll give a short (1/2 hr) talk on decluttering and organizing with kids at some point in the proceedings, probably at noon.
—Toys left over will be donated to Cradles to Crayons.

Questions? Email me at findyourfloor at gmail dot com.
Registration isn’t necessary, but is appreciated. Call the WMCC at 781-483-3042.