Organizer, Organize Thyself!

Things I have recently decided to shed:

–A $200 pair of shoes that I wore for 3 years even though they never fit exactly right. Even though they were all worn out and provided no support and still were too short, I was reluctant to toss them in the trash because, hey, $200! But I did it;
–An old sewing machine that I got for free and never learned how to use because it turned out to be idiosyncratic and I didn’t want to pay someone to train me how to use it, but I also didn’t buy a new sewing machine because I had a “Perfectly Good” one already (up for grabs);
–A massaging foot bath that seemed like a good idea but I realized I would never use; I think I got it for free or little, but it’s taking up a fair chunk of closet space (up for grabs);
–A bike that I bought several years ago and only rode a couple of times (gone to another home). It was hard to admit that I’m just not a bike-riding sort of person, and that my $125 was wasted.

I’m also starting to realize that for most items it’s not really worth the trouble of selling them on Ebay, so I’m selling them to friends or donating them to Goodwill. It feels so good to make more space in my home. I feel lighter every time I let something go. There’s sadness too, because everything I shed is something that I’ve decided is “not me,” and sometimes it’s disappointing. But everything I keep IS “me”, and my space is just getting more and more beautiful and pleasing to me.

I’m happy to report that business has picked up, and in fact next week I have SEVEN days in a row with sessions booked. This is somewhat insane, but I’m only doing one session a day, and in the interest of keeping my energy up, I will be not doing much else!

Hey, is there anything in particular anyone would like to see me write about here? I’m open to suggestions. Unlike my personal LJ, this one isn’t just a forum for whatever my brain feels like spewing out. 🙂 I’m hoping to provide some information and inspiration about organizing.

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