Paperwork Party Poll!

One of the things I’ve learned from organizing professionally is that sometimes people just want company when they’re organizing, for amusement and moral support. So I thought it might be fun if I got together a bunch of people, each with one box of paperwork that needs sorting and/or addressing, and we could support/amuse each other. I will also be on hand in a professional capacity to provide information and help, and I’d have a small amount of back-up supplies, like paperclips, stapler, and markers. And snacks!

I’d charge $5 per person, just to cover some of the costs. Yeah, this is partly a marketing event. In other words, I hope it’ll make someone want to hire me, or at the very least, mention the party or me to someone else who wants to hire me. But it’s also a fun way to practice my l33t organizing skillz and spend time with my LJ friends, old and new.

I know some people might be uncomfortable with others seeing some of their paperwork (like bank statements or medical records), and separating the sensitive stuff from everything else would be a big paperwork sorting task in itself, so I’ll write something up about confidentiality that I’ll have folks sign. But no one has to touch anyone else’s papers; mostly, I imagine, people will be working in parallel.

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