Since 2003!

I just searched back through about a year’s worth of entries on my personal LJ to try to pinpoint when I started doing professional organizing. (I have not organized my entries with regard to tags or memories yet, though it seems like it’d be fun!) And fortunately I said “Yesterday I did my very first professional organizing job” on July 26, 2003. So now when people ask me how many years of experience I have, I can answer “Four.” Now I need to figure out exactly when it was that I started working to make organizing my primary career. Probably about a year ago, which is when I joined NAPO.

Things are really slow at the moment, work-wise, but perhaps it’s just because everyone’s busy with Xmas-related stuff. I’m using it as a chance to catch up on various background tasks. I’m guessing that New Year’s resolutions will bring me a bunch of new clients!

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