Today’s Organizing Tip: Don’t Start What You Can’t Finish!

Has this happened to you? You get all ambitious and energetic, and you tear up the place trying to organize and move your stuff around on a grand scale, then you poop out before the job is done and the place is a mess – worse than when you started. Or else you force yourself to finish, and wind up exhausted, and the place may look okay, but the last thing you want to do for days/weeks/months is any cleaning or organizing. And then you slide back into chaos.

To avoid this, make sure to choose a project of a realistic scope for the amount of time and energy you have available. That may mean just one kitchen drawer, one pile of stuff in the corner, just the top of the coffee table, and so on. When you finish a job, even a small one, it’s good for your state of mind: there is one completely clean and organized countertop. This way, you will train your brain to see organizing/cleaning as something manageable and satisfying. Then the trick is to keep that countertop clean and organized, and next time, do another countertop. Step by step, each room gets under control.

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