Organizing Tip O’ The Day: Bribery!

It’s okay to bribe yourself into tidying up and organizing. Perhaps you think “But I should do it anyway.” But you don’t. So you have a choice. You can either flog yourself over a personality defect (and not get the work done either), or allow yourself to be who you are, someone who doesn’t like tidying up.

Some useful “during” bribes include: good fast-paced music, snacks, comfy clothes, and/or company (in person, or on the phone with a headset). Sometimes I listen to radio shows online, like This American Life, if the organizing job is mindless enough.

Some good “after” bribes include: a food treat, watching a movie or TV show (especially if fluffy mindless crap), having a hot bath, and really anything you love but don’t typically make time for. I like to do artwork.

Bribes also work on reluctant sloppy spouses/housemates!

Don’t forget to make the goal attainable. You can think small: one M&M per item picked up. Conditioning and positive reinforcement work!

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